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Miriam Ng, Broker and Founding Partner




Just wanted to drop you a line to hank you for your excellent handling of my rental in Berkeley. It is very comforting to know that the tenants are being cared for and in such a dependable manner.

I hope the tenants are enjoying hte house and yard and will stay as long as they are in the area. - Thanks again.

Vic and Connie Downing

The most important question to answer when buying and selling real estate is, "Who will be my agent?" Miriam is the best answer.

Not all agents are created equal. Although any agent can list your house, show you properties, negotiate, and mediate with title companies, not every agent does those activities with perfect integrity, unparalleled knowledge of the greater Berkeley area, a certain demeanor that burns off confusion and relaxes tense muscles, and a team that does things that turns trauma into triumph.

Miriam sold us our first house in Berkeley. She was the one that pointed out the value... 13 years before we banked more return on investment than we had ever imagined. She was the one who sold us our investment property... and got it considerably below the asking price even though it was a very "hot" market. It was Miriam who sold both of those places for us... in less than four weeks. But that's only the beginning.

Miriam was attending a wedding in Europe when an over-zealous friend of the buyer nearly torpedoed the deal on one of the properties we were selling. Suddenly a deal that was wrapped tightly was coming undone. We left a message on Miriam's phone mail... she was on the phone to us and to her team in less than 24 hours... from Italy... in less than two days, everything was on track again.

We had to be out of town when it was time to bid on our investment property. Not a problem... for Miriam. We signed three offers (one at asking price, one as much above asking price as we could afford, and one considerably below asking price), left them with Miriam, and caught the train for the out of town family event. On the return trip we got a call from Miriam: "You own the condo. I gave them the below-asking-price bid at the 11th hour and they accepted it." Miriam had stayed close enough to the situation to know exactly the right moment to make the offer. She easily could have offered more, and a lot more (and made a lot more commission)... she did the right thing.

When preparing our residence for open houses, Miriam and her team gently suggested that they could do a "few" things to make the property "more attractive"... "even though the way you have it decorated right now is very nice." We said, "Whatever you think is right, Miriam." The next day her team moved furniture out and into storage, brought in new furniture, moved out half the library, brought in new art, planted flowers... you name it, it happened. The house sold in two weeks because it was "very cute." When the house sold, everything was moved back at exactly the right time.

We've lived all over the world. We have learned to be extremely careful and skeptical. With that in mind please consider this: trust Miriam to do the right thing in the right way every time... no exceptions.

Winston Burton & family (plus Max the dog) "I Bought A House!"

For over four years my wife and I have been looking to buy a house. The two bedroom apartment which we loved (conveniently situated in downtown Berkeley ) had somehow become too crowded with the addition of two kids, now six & eight. For the first three years of looking I really didn’t have any money, but we thought it would be wise to see what was available, and maybe a miracle would happen. Well four years and no miracles later two things were consistent: (1) We knew we wanted to live in Berkeley; (2) everyone said "that’s impossible"!

I’ve known Miriam Ng for almost ten years. I was familiar with her work with the Salvation Army, I knew she was a successful business woman, and I served with her on the Board of Director of the Berkeley Chamber of Commerce. I assumed because of her prestige and status in the community (business owner and chair of various organizations and boards) that she only worked on large commercial or million dollar real estate deals. Boy was I wrong! Miriam thrived on, and truly enjoyed helping first time home buyers like myself. From the moment I asked for help she made me feel confident that our dream would come true (homeownership in Berkeley), and that miracles do happen (we still didn’t have much money).

For the next several months Miriam was patient, responsive and literally held my hand through the whole ordeal of home buying. We went with Miriam to see several potential houses in Berkeley. Each time we were treated with much more respect and courtesy than in the past - because we were with Miriam Ng.

My wife’s friend (Barbara) told us her next door neighbor was selling her house in which she lived and raised a family for over 40 years. Coincidently our kids went to the same school as Barbara’s and we thought how ideal it would be for our two families to grow up together. It was a lovely house with three bedrooms, two baths, a backyard, and in a nice neighborhood. Miriam helped us put together a bid for the house. She also said, "write a letter to the owner and tell her who you are and of your relationship with Barbara and her family, and the opportunity for kids who are friends to grow up side by side". We included the letter with the bid and the next day Miriam said our bid was accepted.
After four years of rejection we were flabbergasted! This was unbelievable!

Next Miriam helped us put together the financing we needed to purchase the house. I found out later, from the owner herself, that after she read the personal letter we wrote she only wanted to sell the house to us. Miriam’s instinct, professionalism and caring proved to be the difference. As I write this letter my boys are playing in the backyard with the kids next door. Oh, we also got a puppy (Labrador), something my kids have always wanted.
Thank you Miriam!

Charles Pugh, Master of Mathematics - University of California, Berkeley

This is a testimonial about Miriam Ng and the work she has done on my behalf as the real estate agent handling the sale of my house in Kensington. From the beginning, about six weeks ago, Miriam has had a vision of how the house should look for its best chance of sale. This alone was invaluable, but she also superintended the actual work. She found painters and floor refinishers, arranged their schedules, kept track of their progress, and made many practical suggestions along the way, such as the color choice for the paint, which minor repairs were important, and which were not, etc. I woud have gone nuts, and the house would not have been nearly as well presented, had I done the work myself.

As a consequence, the house received multiple offers, one for substantially more than asking price, and I am convinced it was because of how Miriam placed its price and presentation. Another house in Kensington, with similar attributes received no offers at all as of last week.

Finally, I am impressed not only by Miriam's obvious skill, but by how easy it is to work with her. There is nothing of the prima dona about her, despite the fact that she is one of the top agents in Berkeley. Furthermore she has been consistently available by means of her cell phone, and I think I must have contacted her upwards of thirty times over the last six weeks. I don't mean voicemail either, I mean live contact every time.

Margaret Cesa

When I returned to Berkeley in 2002 after a decade in the Southwest, I wanted to buy a house. Most of the experienced real estate agents I interviewed spent time with me answering my questions, marking maps, handing out MLS sheets. Miriam Ng, said, "Let's get in my car. We'll talk, and I'll show you some properties now." Such was my introduction to an energetic full service realtor, one with whom I would work for months in the midst of a multiple offer frenzy until we found my home.

With each of the many properties I saw Miriam emphasized "good value." She noted rental possibilities and expansion potential. Her detailed knowledge of specific neighborhoods gave me trusted information about schools and grocery stores, walking paths and playgrounds. She also tactfully mentioned senior centers.

Miriam, directly and often humorously, steered me toward appropriate properties. If she thought a house had too many stairs for me, she said so - and I didn't bother to make the climb. Once when I complained about the darkness of a living room, she looked out the window and said, "Prune the wisteria." Of course, she was right. She was a great problem solver, and I learned to listen to her very practical experience. Her community network gave me confidence that I could find people to make the changes I wanted on any property I might buy.

She patiently stayed with me through several offers where the new owners-to-be simply had deeper pockets than mine. On a particularly low week after I had "lost" in two bidding wars, Miriam brought me a sack of beans from her garden. Nourished and renewed, I re-entered the housing fray the next week.

Despite my frequent trips away from the area, I knew Miriam was always a cell phone call away. She spread out an array of choices for me and helped me sort out the aspects of a property which were essential to me. I consistently felt I had easy access to her, her resources, and her vast store of real estate expertise. In the finest sense of the phrase, she was at my service.

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